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Our hands

Hannah - Hi! I'm Hannah. My hand is the most beautiful one. Period. Absolutely awe-inspiring. (It's the one with the AMAZING red bracelet). I like to bake, do math, hang out with my friends, read, and code. I'm 13 (recently, so YAY!!!!) and have two sisters (twins... Ugh!). Anya has appointed me to the post of "Lordess of the Milky Way", so I am your ruler. Have fun with that! (I won't do anything TOO bad. As long as you give me offerings like candy :) )I hope you like the website - we put A LOT of work into it... If you want to contact us, do the Feedback form. We'll try to get back to you! Thanks!!!!

Rebecca - G'day, mate! (In case you're wondering-and I'm sure you are-no, I am not Australian. Not even close.) My hand is the one with the watch and the pinkish braclet. In other words, the best hand by far. Anyone can see it. I like math, reading, playing the viola, learning Mandarin, drawing, being with my friends, and coding. I am 13, and older than ALL OF THEM! :). I'm an only child, and am the only one I know who doesn't mind being one. Like Hannah said, we spent FOREVER creating this website, so only nice comments please!

Anya - Greetings dearest subjects! I am Anya, or as you may know me, The Great Queen Anya Of The Multiverse. I'm the one with the marble. That great hand is mine. I know, crazy. How could a hand be SO FAR SUPERIOR from the others. It's sad, really. Anyway my hobbies are reading, playing video games, and ruling multiple universes. Emphasis on multiple. I LOOOOOVE Red pandas, and hate flamingos. I take circus lessons, am by FAR most geeky person in our group, watch minecraft youtube shows, and I can't whistle for a dime. Why I would want to do that, I don't know. I hate social media and shopping, unless it's at game stop, and somehow find myself at the lego store everytime we are at the mall. I have a younger brother, who is a brat. I have a pet hamster who is super sweet and now I'm out of things to say! BYEEE! Kya~! Ps. Don't be tooooo worried about Hannah ruling you. I make all executive decisions. Also I rule her too. I'm also 56 million years old. So I'M THE OLDEST! HA HANNAH AND REBECCA! :P

Kiersten - Hello! I'm twelve years old and in sixth grade. I am the only homeschooled kid in the whole Arlington Girls Who Code club! I like gymnastics, writing, singing, playing the piano, and playing with my friends and family. My sister, my friend and I are going to publish a book that we are writing. It is called Triplet Flower and it is about triplets who are born on the moon and are orphaned. Then they have this crazy adventure to find their perfect parents. I have five sisters (two of which are adopted) and I am the oldest of them. In the picture, my hand is the one with the blue, pink, and green bracelet. I wouldn't like to show the other side of my hand because it has calluses and rips all over it from gymnastics. I hope you find this website helpful. Have a nice day!